•	Establish and manage EMIS for real-time and robust analysis to support management-decision making, hybrid   
        learning delivery, and research including internalising deep learning, inclusive learning for the  
        disadvantaged,  and student-centred learning.
•	Undertake forecasting and modeling for policy direction especially for management decisions.  
•	Produce, and manage data – based information, policies and procedures for the academic development of the 
        university, and the compliance with University Law, Academic Brief,  Strategic Plan, Physical Master Plan 
        implementation, Organisational Management, and the quality assurance in the University.
•	Provision of information on various aspect of the university operations for various stakeholders, for the 
        purpose of general planning, strategic planning, budgeting, and for repository.
•	Develop resource allocation parameters and monitor the allocation; Coordinates conference, teaching and 
        research equipment grants, and determine allocation parameter for Direct Teaching Laboratory Cost (DTLC).
•	Computes excess workload for academics and technologists in the University.
•	Conduct and publish periodic ranking of academic units, and provide transparent inputs for global ranking. 
•	Carry out institutional audit and routine monitoring of academic programmes to maintain their quality; and 
        provide policy framework for developing new programmes, review of existing ones, and advise on new units.
•	Ensure quality assurance and accreditation for all external cyclical and international accreditation.
•	Maintain external relationship with the National Universities Commission and other regulatory agencies.
•	Carry out inspection and monitoring of programmes in Affiliate Institutions.
•	Determine carrying capacity and prepare statistical digest.
•	Coordinate academic activities including course allocation, lecture and examination timetable. 
•	Provide training programmes on all aspects of academic planning. 
•	Maintain a database of academic staff especially professors in Nigerian universities; advise on human  
        resource needs and development by establishing manpower needs, and staff development.
•	Provide and manage the template for internationalising academic roll and student enrolment.  
•	Collaborate with other directorates and external agencies to achieve the strategic goals of the University of 
•	Gross Enrolment ratio; 
•	Student Survival rate/drop out; 
•	National spread of students enrolled and staff recruited to ensure diversity;
•	Efficiency;
•	Distribution of various groups of staff and levels; 
•	Gender Parity Index; 
•	Ratio of Public Expenditure to education expenditure, 
•	The 17 SDGs performance indicators; 
•	Global ranking agencies including Nigeria Universities Ranking, Times International, Webometrics, AD 
        Scientific and Clarivate; and
•	the list of approved Full-Time/Part-Time Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Distance Learning academic 
        programmes to determine programmes that are mature for accreditation.